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I grew up with Nancy Drew and I loved her! Nancy could do anything. She had a flat tire, no problem, Nancy changed it. A giant tree fell across the road blocking it? Not to worry because Nancy  found a way around it. I loved reading about her and her sleuthing adventures. I especially like the original version of the books with the Russell Tandy illustrations.. Although the original 1930\’s books are no longer \”politically correct\” I loved it that she drove a roadster, wore frocks and had chums. By the time I was in fourth grade, I had read all of the books more than once. When I was sick, my mother would read them to me. I love that memory. Nancy was a great role model for young women even though I didn\’t know what that was at the time. Nancy will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Secret of The Old Clock was the first title published in 1930. I have this edition and it has been fun to re-read it.


Juvenile Fiction
Grade: A
Love the nostalgic value.

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